Sa Sarili purse straps are available adjustable or non-adjustable, and in two lengths: Crossbody and Shoulder.

An easy way to see whether a replacement strap will work for your needs, is to cut a piece of string or yarn to the total length of Sa Sarili strap you wish to purchase. Use this length to wrap around your shoulder or cross body to determine if this length will work with your bag on your body. You can also measure the original purse strap that you will be replacing to see if this 5/8" wide strap is appropriate for your needs.

We have made our Sa Sarili Crossbody length straps adjustable so that you can use these straps at their longest total length of 48" or in shorter lengths in increments of 2" down to 42". The 48" strap works well for women who are about 5'5" tall and about 130 lbs in weight. Those who are taller or heavier may find that this strap length is too short for their needs. Those who are shorter or lighter in weight may find that this strap length is too long for their needs.

Sa Sarili purse straps that are considered our crossbody straps are in the following collections:
  • The Everyday Collection
  • The Cosmopolitan Collection
  • The Explorer Collection
Our shoulder length chains help to carry your small handbag or wallet under your arm. Please take care to measure the length on your body type as those taller or shorter than 5'5", or heavier or lighter than 130 lbs. may find that this length does not work for them. Please use the string method mentioned above to help with this measurement.

The short Shana Chains in The Resort Collection are considered Shoulder Length.