Assembling Your New Sa Sarili Adjustable Purse Strap
Our adjustable purse straps are easy to assemble. They arrive to you after being handcrafted in our California workshop, so they are not assembled and in two separate pieces. The first piece is shorter with a swivel bolt snap hook on one end and a buckle on the other end. The second piece is longer with a swivel bolt snap hook on one end.

Here are details about and instructions for assembling your adjustable purse strap:

Please use care when assembling/adjusting your strap so as not to tear the material through the buckle.
  1. The longer piece has one end without a snap hook. Insert this end into the buckle on the short piece (exactly like a belt buckle).
  2. According to the length of the purse strap you desire, insert the tongue of the buckle into one of the pre-punched holes on the longer piece.
  3. Attach your adjustable purse strap to your purse using the swivel bolt snap hooks.